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Good thoughts. Our location is a small valley between two good sized mountain ridges. We’re more or less apart from the rest of the town which is why it would be so easy to isolate. The geography would make it very difficult to not have the whole neighborhood function in some sort of cooperative manner. Just talking the center part of the hamlet there are two farms raising beef cattle plus the place next to my property has a few beef cattle. Spring through fall there are sheep on my property. That farmer lives on the other side of town where his main farm is. The center part of the hamlet also has a small farm raising goats and ducks plus they have a large green house. Those folks make cheese too. There’s a sugar house and multiple folks have apple trees and assorted veggie & berry gardens. At least a couple have chickens. There may be more I’m not thinking of offhand. There’s a few folks with horses too.

In our case the largest place within an hours drive is a town of 16,000 just 10 miles away. My neighborhood is not in the direct path of where they would fan out but its not like people don’t know we’re here. If they’re looking for farm country they’d be going away from where I live rather than towards it, or perhaps heading to the other side of town where most of the farms are.

As you say though isolating yourself pretty much shouts you have something you are trying to protect. It is a double edged sword.