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I picked up branches from around the yard doing a little Spring cleaning as if it were the end of March, this being the year without a winter. Last weekend we had our sole truly cold snap, minus 20 Sunday morning and minus 15 Monday but then it was back to this year’s non-winter. The ground is still frozen so there’s no getting too carried away with yard stuff yet though. I also ordered potatoes from High Mowing Organic today. I had bought the rest of my seeds last autumn, a lot more than I really need of seeds and now of potatoes, me thinking you never know how the year is going to go.

This mild winter has thrown my wood system out of whack. In the autumn I fill the porch which carries me until about the end of Feb, then I start hauling wood in from behind the garage. Here we are now with only another week left to Feb. and a fairly mild forecast going forward, and I’m still working on row 5 (out of 8) on the porch. My wood storage area behind the garage is full with about 10 cords so there’s no room to put any left overs from the porch, and I’m not real anxious to haul the wood back off of the porch anyway. Maybe we’ll have a cold March/April. If not, I suppose we’ll just look like real country folks with wood on the porch all summer.