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I”m not sure that’s true about it being the end of this year. It says the end of the NEXT session, which would be the end of 2017. This is an intra-session recess, not an inter-session recess, so we’d still be in the SAME session next week as we were last week before the recess. And thus the “next session” would start in 2017. Depending on what voters do in November, the complexion of the Congress could potentially change. If voters get fed up with the Republican rhetoric being thrown around, give Hillary a victory as well as a Democrat Congress to work with, Obama could well pull it off. But I tend to think (hope may be a better word) that he won’t be THAT brash and make an appointment within a day or two of Scalia’s funeral just because he can. But then again, this is B. Hussein Obama. Who knows?

I just hope the Republicans shut their mouths for another week, and stop with all this “No way, no how!” garbage. It could give him the “argument” he needs just to keep gummint moving, rather than allowing the nasty Republicans to shut down an entire branch of constitutional government for the sake of all their racist hatred of him – or however he chooses to lie his way through it. I’d be afraid that if, sufficiently provoked, he made the appointment and claim he did it for the good of the nation – the only rational thing he COULD do, don’tchaknow. (None of that is my logic – just what I might expect out of his lying, narcissistic, controlling mouth.)