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Sledjockey – No, I’ve never read the book. It’s been a while since I had to break and train a green horse but I always use a pen or small paddock and a lunge line. Add weight with sand bags gradually. Concurrently always lead them on foot out into woods on trails – trained them to jump obstacles same way. They all grew up to the sound of various gunfire sounds. Introducing them to a bit is always the fun part. It is a slower process perhaps but certainly helps build the bond and trust with the horse – especially later when you are asking them to do something they think is highly suspicious! Like go anywhere near pigs. I have no idea why, but almost every horse I have ever ridden smells pigs, just smells them and freaks out to varying degrees.

Yes, I can trim and re-shoe. Did that last week after fishing some shoes out of the mud pit of a paddock after the huge storm we had started to melt. Unh. A farrier I am not. Back-breaking work and have no patience for working with metal. Thankfully, only 1 of the 4 needs any real corrective shoes. Have 2 Quarters, 1 Appy and 1 nutcase TB. The mule is a whole other story. I’ll see if a pic of the boys will load (I have never cared for mares only geldings) ;)

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