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Dearest Mountain Biker…if no cars…how r u to get about? Mules, slow, heavy duty animals. Great, but u want to get from here to there? Gonna go on foot? All of you shud learn the basics of horsemanship. Today, a head-on collision between suv and plow truck. Guess who (unfortunately) had the ‘hobby horses’? show up to help erect barriers, close road until rescue cud show up? They r/will be yr MODE of TRANSPORTATION place there first. (Not been good/happy day for me). B4 cars? How did peeps get around. F’ing horses. Learn to ride basics. Might save yr butt some day. MBiker, horses do not discriminate. They have huge hearts n will do their best to do anything u ask of them. Hobby horse. Horses do not classify themselves this way. They do what they r trained to do n follow a human, loving owners instructions to the end How do u propose getting around, other then slugging on yr feet, without a horse..hmm? What was the mode of transportation b4 the auto? Get real peeps. Learn a new skill…at least how to catch n get on a horse.Even so, u may run across some loose come SHTF..do u know what to do? Mules? Depends. That is another post. Current mule have is almost 18 hands n have fox hunted her.