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I find it odd that Pravda, though technically a private on line site, is not talking about the massive buildups we’re seeing elsewhere. (Nor is RT, by the way.) In their latest story on the Syria/Turkey/Saudi situation, Pravda reports that, “20 Turkish tanks, more than 20 self-propelled guns and 30 field artillery guns of various calibers appeared near the border on Syria during February 7-10.” And, “Noteworthy, Advisor to the Defence Minister of Saudi Arabia, Ahmad Asiri, stated that Saudi Arabia would launch a ground operation in Syria as soon as the US-led international coalition makes such a decision. Earlier, the head of the Saudi Ministry for Foreign Affairs, Adel Al-Jubeir, announced a possibility to send Saudi special forces to Syria as part of the US-led coalition to fight the Islamic State terrorist group.”

I would expect that if the numbers we’re seeing elsewhere were even remotely close to accurate, Russia would be trumpeting that around the world! Not so. Thus, I tend to agree with MB – the stories are generally accurate in basics, but very questionable in details. Russia is not even accusing Turkey of directly and intentionally targeting Russian troops, thus I further suspect that part of the other reports is likely not true. That there may be collateral damage with Turkey attacking Kurd positions, given the proximity of Russian troops (apparently), would not be surprising. But that’s much different than intentional, targeted hits on the Russians by Turkish forces.

That something is going on is clear. But what, is another story.

Of great interest to me was the hidden gem I found while researching this story. Rather than hijack this thread, I’ve put the story in its own new thread:


Did anyone hear about Henry the K’s visit to Russia just over a week ago? And how about the seemingly out-of-the-blue references to him in the Democrat debate last Thursday night, just 8 days later? What was THAT all about? Why even bring up Kissinger? For possible insights into what’s going on behind the scenes, including answers to that question, see the above new thread. And as you read it, think about Reagan’s inauguration day. Remember when Iran suddenly released our embassy hostages even as Reagan was being sworn in? Only an imbecile couldn’t figure out that Reagan’s “people” had already been involved with Iran’s “people” well prior to the inauguration, and the Iranians decided it was in their best interest to release the hostages before Reagan had time to ACT as President (which also slapped Jimmah big time!). Well, it appears Team-Billary is already doing its own negotiating well in advance of their coronation in 341 days – in the form of Henry the K meeting personally and directly with Putin. Either the fix is already in for the election in November, or Billary has VERY high expectations, and Obama is very much a part of it (note not only the US news blackout on K’s visit to Putin, but a lack of any denouncing of K’s visit to Putin himself as unauthorized by the President, or interference with Obama’s foreign policy). If Obama was in any way opposed to it, he’d go ballistic that anyone would dare interfere with HIS foreign policy.

Silence and news items that aren’t reported, mean things….