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Something I learned over the years with family history research, both mine and others, is that all family oral traditions are incorrect but all have at least a grain of truth in them. In the case of these articles, there is no doubt but that the situation in Syria is getting worse and at this point all hell may break loose at any time. A fire only simmers for so long before it bursts into flame.

Looking at the specific claims through my own lens, what gives me pause is the specificity of the claims as concerns the amount of equipment and troops being deployed and the timeframe. Total fabrications are usually not so specific, especially as concerns timeframes. The converse to that is the amount of equipment. Saudi and its allies in the Muslim world would be hard pressed to deploy that much hardware. The other thing is that Saudi and its allies are far from being partnered in a way to have a coordinated attack of this magnitude. The only way to amass that volume of troops and equipment would be if it were a NATO or US led effort. If NATO, it still means mostly US troops and equipment which would be almost impossible to keep under wraps. I’m still thinking hoax and in a couple weeks there will be a followup article pushing the timeframe out, that or they let the story just fade away.

One final thought, what are the odds that the folks putting out the story are the ones with such close contacts so as to get info this detailed? Something of this magnitude should have corroboration from others not associated with the original authors.

Tolik, I’m with you. Turkey needs to be booted out of NATO and never allowed in the European Union. They seem hellbent to start a war with Russia.

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