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MB, I didn’t like Kasich in the first debates for saying that he was OK about gay marriage. He has some liberal areas I do not like. I know that Trump also has some liberal areas in his thinking too but he is not for gay marriage. Trump has a little liberal thinking on healthcare but would end Obamacare but he has a plan to still help the uninsured.

The way I see things is that I would still vote for any of the three(Trump, Cruz or Rubio) over the Socialist on the other side. The three top Republicans all have something that we all do not like but they have many thing we do like.

Cruz has the I do not know if I can trust him but the same goes for Trump and Rubio so I will take any of them.

On Bush and Kasich or Carson to me just do not have the energy that the people are looking for right now. We are bad as hell right now so what I see is that the people want a bad as hell guy to take over. Is that a good thing! Well I do not know but that is what has happen. We the people want someone that will clean house, one that is not the old party establishment GOP. You are right about Carson good man but the people right now do not want a good man to run the country. We want a clean the house type.