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A truly honest person would never make it to the top of the political world. The public would never stand for it because it would require hearing the truth. Everybody is part of some special interest group looking for somebody else to pay for it and they want their candidates to tell them somebody else will in fact pay for it. In a day and age of identity politics, many want special rights and privileges for their group and expect their candidates to tell them they’ll get it if he or she is elected.

My bottom line with this year’s election is 1st anyone but the Hildebeast and if that wish could be granted, then my 2nd wish is that it be Trump. I do not trust Cruz or Rubio at all. Jeb is a total lightweight dedicated to doing the bidding of his Wall St and Saudi masters. Carson is an honorable man and I like him but I’m not sure he is ready for the national and international stage. I don’t know enough about Kasich to have much of an opinion yet, though he too may be a decent guy.