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I would not give you more than 2¢ for Rush Limbaugh – but I was flabbergasted the other day when I got in the car to go somewhere and turned on the radio. The station it was on last, happened to have Rush Limbaugh when I turned it on during the afternoon (normally if he is on, I change stations). But before I changed the frequency, I heard something that caught my ear, and decided to listen for a moment. He next made the comment that too many people see and portray Barack Obama as being a bumbling, incompetent president. He stated very emphatically to his listeners that if they believed that about Obama, they were wrong, and not to listen to any candidate that tells them that. He stated that Obama is intent on destroying the United States as we know it, and that his presidency has been calculated to that end. WOW! How refreshing to hear that actually broadcast over the air by a well-known personality other than Glenn Beck (even further down my list of no-listen programs). Limbaugh used it mainly to attack almost all of the Republican candidates, interestingly. To be honest, I don’t even remember who he said was the exception, because I then went to find something else to listen to. But at least it’s being said by more than just the flaming right wing radicals on the internet that should be classified as potential domestic terrorists. Now I don’t know what to do – it appears that puts me in the company of Rush Limbaugh. ;-)