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74, I’m not sure what strongly leads you to that belief – somehow I’m not feeling it as strongly at this point (anything could change), but would I rule it out as a long shot or “impossible?” Not for an instant. The only thing that’s certain in my mind is the the outcome is planned, and barring some mistake in that planning, it will come to pass. If it doesn’t, or clearly isn’t coming together as planned, now that would certainly trigger the October Surprise. Then again, it may not be particularly about the United States – an October Surprise here may be designed to be a catalyst for trigger for a cascading series of events world wide.

MB, I appreciate your position. Part of me is very much on board with it, particularly the part that says there’s little to nothing I can do. And I subscribe more and more, the older and more experienced I get, to the Serenity Prayer:

God, grant me the serenity to accept the things I cannot change,
The courage to change the things I can,
And the wisdom to know the difference.”

But I’m also unwilling to sit quietly with my head in the sidelines sand. So, I talk to who I can (and will listen), do what’s worth doing that might have some impact, hoping somebody else’s tiny effort will also be added to mine (or vice versa), etc. One thing’s for sure – my sleep these days is far less affected by the events of the world, and I rarely if ever dream about them. I just keep preparing as I can, adding things as I think or become aware of them, etc. (For example, until recently somehow I’d never thought about the idea of having a clean water source in my first-level EDC kit. Now we’ve got a LifeStraw and will get some more for other kits or longer term. Sometimes it’s just little things that I never thought about for some reason, occasionally it’s a major project to revamp something we’ve already got in place, add to it, or whatever. And anyone that missed the EDC article just posted by Toby a day or two ago, missed excellent material, by the way.)

I just appreciate this forum, the folks in it around the world, and the community it represents – diverse micro-beliefs and opinions, but a common macro-belief that all is not well, and we don’t have to just roll over and accept it. I was struck by the helplessness as well as the fear of the Military and the belief that the government owes everybody everything, with zero personal responsibility, in a video linked on the SHTF Facebook page, about the Flint, Michigan, water crisis:


Finally, back to Europe and the banks, I don’t have faith that the Europeans will allow the banks to fail – unless it fits into their plans. But if that’s the case, it’ll be a good sign that the plan all along has been what only tin-foil-hat-wearing whackos (like me) have believed for quite some time: destroy the system so “the government” HAS to take full control, and we subject ourselves, world wide, to “the government,” for our own good and safety. I think the European banking crisis will be a very instructive thing to watch.