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The real issue is picking what you believe is the correct scope. The rifle as long as it is fairly accurate now will only be better with a scope. The scout scope selection is limited but if you add in hand gun scopes it will give you a more options.

Getting the correct eye relief is the first issue. Then selecting the most appropriate magnification. I believe exit pupil is important. If I the pupil is small getting lined up with the scope could be slow.

I have a 4x Leupold handgun scope on a Swedish Mauser. I built when the guns were going for $75.00. (So if thete is a purist reading this hold your fire). I found the gun can shoot much better then a 4 power scope allows, do I want more magnification. The exit pupil is smaller then I’d like. The scope has more eye relief then I want. My scope is not good in low light with a 1″tube and 24mm objective lens.

I had Millet rings on it until about 2 years ago, and switched to a tactical forward one-piece mount. I modified my sight base to accept picatinny rail mounts.

I’m thinking about switching to a Burris 3X13 32mm so I can take advantage of the long range accuracy on the rifle and still have fast cqb ability.

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