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74, thanks for posting that great article! MB, the envirocrazies are just the useful idiots in this political power takeover.

Call it “liberalism,” “socialism,” “communism,” or fascism.” It doesn’t matter — the practice won’t precisely follow any of the textbook definitions (as none of the leading historical examples ever did) because once a single dictator, or a small group, has acquired power to impose his/its will, there is no longer any “script” which must be followed. And that’s the point. Power may be used to accomplish all the wonderful, noble changes that were promised as its benefit — but it doesn’t have to be used in that way. It can be used in any way the dictator whims. The “environmental movement,” despite its reasonable beginnings, has been hijacked to become a stalking horse for the power-mad.

The idea of taking care of our environment, the earth, has a fundamental truth as its basis: We’ve only one planetary home (at least until we humans develop vastly greater technology) and it behooves us not to screw it up. So it wasn’t begun entirely off base. There are places where human activity, unchecked, has caused ruination of the local environment. Witness the Sahara desert, which was formerly the “breadbasket” of the Roman Empire.

But the political “environmental” movement has a hidden agenda: acquisition of greater governmental power over the governed. Notice that the movement has its greatest emphasis, its greatest concentration and power where the people had (i.e., used to have) the greatest leverage over their government, and where there is, so to speak, the greatest change of political power “needed,” in order for the desired “transformation” to happen. In fact, the “environmental” push to take energy and water away from the people is almost perfectly proportional, across the planet, to the extent that they have had the political power to improve their physical situation. The poorer the people, the easier it is to control them. Have you heard of a Saudi, Iranian, or North Korean environmental movement?

So false reports and theories of human activity causing planetary “warming” are published after countless grant-funded”studies.” TV programs, newspapers, and scholarly tomes, by the thousands have been cranked out, almost on command, to confirm the threat of “anthropogenic global warming.” Meanwhile, any dissenting academic, regardless of credentials, risks being fired, to make even a clear, documented case to the contrary. If it were truly being treated as a scientific matter, it would be anathema to edit and fake the data.

Notice that no matter what anyone proposes — power, manufacturing, logging, ranching, mining, fracking, dams, airports, even repairing existing highways, (with the possible exception of “affordable” housing, which is housing you can’t afford), there will be an environmental group, if not ten, in opposition. So we can no longer generate electricity with coal; we must use windmills, which makes the power cost more, and kills birds. Or we must allow Chinese companies to build solar collector farms, which will kill desert tortoises, necessitating removing ranchers from nearby land, to be declared to be”compensating” tortoise refuge (never mind that the tortoises live better where the cattle are allowed to graze.) The point is: unregulated (i.e., free) people don’t know enough to provide for their needs, without screwing up the environment. So you can only have what your all-knowing government chooses to allow you — and they can change their minds as often as they wish.

There are only two kinds of people in the world; those of us who just want to be left alone…and those who won’t leave us alone.* — Ernest Hancock

Cry, "Treason!"