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The EPA is the poster child for bureaucracy gone totally out of control. There were real problems to solve when they were created and they did a good job addressing those problems. However, as occurs with bureaucracies over time, their continued growth and that of the envirocrazies industry that feeds off them is dependent upon them legislating via their own authority solutions to increasingly obscure problems.

As someone with a pond, several small streams, and some wetland areas on my property I don’t like their expansive claim of controlling all waters. I truly don’t expect them to ever show up on my property, but the very fact that they could is disconcerting. The EPA with threat of lawsuits and court orders has forced VT to issue new regulations impacting farm practices so as to reduce pollution reaching Lake Champlain. That the EPA’s own data says the farms are only a minor contributor to the pollution problem means nothing, the farmers were a group they could take action against. Bear in mind these are mostly small family farms, many of them organic even. Than again, Monsanto and the big-agri corporations that have great influence at the Federal level have been waging an all out regulatory war against small family farms in recent years.