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Tolik, what you describe is change, not collapse. Nothing is static for very long. Change is a continual process and the fact that some don’t like the changes doesn’t mean it is collapse. For many the changes are instead a positive. It’s all a matter of where you fell on the societal pecking order before the changes I suppose. What some bemoan as evidence of collapse is nothing more than others not like them gaining the same rights or perhaps just making different choices.

Decline on the other hand can turn into collapse as in Detroit, or it can just be a cyclical reshuffling of the deck as in Pittsburgh. Change is happening faster and faster leaving many people behind, many through no fault of their own but many others who just make really bad choices.

The changes brought by globalism and technology has made the entire developed world more fragile than ever before, making us more vulnerable to collapse should the right triggering event come along, and geopolitics being what they are, the risk of a triggering event seems to grow with each week that passes. I think it is fair to say we are at greater risk of collapse than ever before but that is different than saying we are in the midst of a collapse.