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Nice song. I’ve been spending a lot of time of late researching my mother-in-law’s family in the 1700’s Carolinas and have learned a bit about the Revolutionary War era down there. Lots of fathers in their 50’s and their sons fighting the British. It seems like all able bodied men had to take a stand. All the ancestors were on the Patriot’s side except one such father/son pair that were Tories. The father, an immigrant from England, was captured after the battle at King’s Mountain, SC while the son was left for dead (but didn’t die). The captured Tories were marched back to North Carolina, put on trial, and the father was hung along with 8 others. After the war the son had land confiscated for having been a Tory. My wife’s direct ancestor was just a newborn when the father was hung.

What does this have to do with the media interfering with the Presidential election? Nothing, but the one picture in the video where the guy is getting hung seemed to go along with the story.