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GS, Trump’s speech tonight in Burlington is the lead story in VT today as expected, and will be tomorrow too no doubt. My guess is that this will be the only Presidential candidate visit to VT except for Bernie. There’s only 626,000 people in the State. Half the country probably couldn’t find it on a map. We have just a single Congressional District, and heck, just a single area code too. VT is irrelevant to national politics, but Trump is coming anyway probably because it is the heart of Bernie territory. Bernie used to be the Mayor of Burlington and its where he lives. City officials are being polite as are the people that run the theater where the speech will be, and the media too for that matter. I give them all credit for their professionalism and decorum. My guess is they don’t want to rile up the Trump supporters causing even more to flood into the city. It’ll be in the 20’s this evening so not particularly cold, meaning Hillary and/or Bernie protestors will be out on the street.

As an aside, ignoring its politics, Burlington is a beautiful thriving college town in a majestic setting on Lake Champlain looking at the Adirondacks on the NY side of the lake, and the Green Mountains to the East. Were I disposed to living in a small city its probably the one I’d pick. It really is that nice.