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L Tecolote, yes, it does sound like ISIS in a way, but I have a sneaking suspicion that their leadership is only using Islam as the excuse for spreading blood, terror, and horror around the globe. They are pure, fundamental evil, and they attract the severe personality disordered individuals that follow them (along with a few psychotics that thrive on the pure craziness of the blood and horror part). They WANT us to be paralyzingly afraid of them so they can achieve the results seen in Iraq when the Iraqis literally left all that good US-supplied equipment and ran! They weren’t necessarily all that afraid of dying in a “good” fight (i.e. by bullet or explosion), they were terrified of what would be done to them if they did NOT die before being captured. ISIS’s leaders remind me of the evil general in “The Postman” (Bethlehem or something like that), which we finally watched the other night. It’s all about power and material wealth, using terror to control and conquer. I think the Islam “thing” is merely the rationalization or cover story for their own masses (and potential “converts”).

Plus, using Islam as their “cover,” it gives Zero his excuse to treat lightly, using PC “logic” and laws and presidential edicts to facilitate what ISIS is doing. I become more convinced by the day (if that’s even possible anymore) that his “fundamental transformation” of the United States was far more literal and comprehensive than all but a few insiders could have even comprehended.

I think it would be just too much to pass up an entire continent. That might sound good to the masses in their movement, but I suspect the leadership would love to control this side of the earth as well, not just lay it waste for a generation or more. Just my guess. And I believe Zero should be taken at his word, at a level we SHOULD have taken him at when he made his campaign pledge about the “fundamental transformation.” He said just days ago that he’s going to double down and do everything in his power to complete his work in the year he has remaining (don’t remember his exact words, but that’s the very close equivalent). I was chilled when I heard him. I sensed that he was fumbling to find exactly the words he could get away with saying, because he couldn’t say what he was really wanting to say.

I don’t listen to Sean Hannity – can’t stand listening to him. But yesterday I noticed that Congressman Louie Gohmert was guest-hosting for him. He had a guest who was formerly with DHS (Phil Haney). Mr. Haney related story after story about not only the protection of Islamic terrorists in this nation (literally protected to THE very top level of DHS), but also the millions of dollars of grant funding given BY the US government (including Department of Agriculture!!) to the mosque system in the US. He explained how the majority of the mosques in the US are owned, and therefore how the leadership of the mosques are controlled by that ownership authority. He explained what bright red flags existed with the female San Bernardino terrorist. It was a fascinating, if not chilling interview. I found a recording of that segment of the show, and it’s well worth listening to, assuming it lasts. The entire (commercial-free) version is only 31 minutes. If that doesn’t survive past today, here’s at least a recap I found of the segment from Hannity’s site:

4:05PM EST – Phil Haney, a founding member of the Department of Homeland Security, has claimed work he was carrying out in 2012 could have stopped the San Bernardino terror attack, Haney believes that, if his program had been allowed to continue, both Farook and Malik would ‘very plausibly’ have been flagged to the security services over their connections to these organizations. He told Fox: ‘Either Syed would have been put on the no-fly list because of his association with that mosque, and or the K-1 visa that his wife was given may have been denied because of his affiliation with a known organization.’

However, in 2012, Haney says that his team was paid a visit by the Department of State and its own Civil Liberties Civil Rights Division.

Haney says officials accused of unfairly profiling Muslims because Tablighi Jamaat, the sub-group of Deobandi, was not on a list of specially designated terrorist organizations. Haney says he left the national center shortly afterwards and went back to Atlanta, and afterwards he found out the program he was working on had been shut down.