I have been thinking about it and Roadrunner, MountianBiker and GeorgiaSaint might be right. Although it is doable to do the HEMP’s with dirty bombs on the planes given that the terrorists would use the USA as a staging point to go to other countries being how our TSA is crap and all. But a cyber attack would be easier and considering how they have hacked into pretty much everything right now anyways, then a good idea.

I would like to add if I were them then I would use the confusion of the hacking and turning off the power supply to launch a country wide attack on power plants of all kinds including the water treatment plants. This will ensure the crippling of the power grid and bring operations to a halt pretty damn quick.

No I am not a terrorist but I have done counterterrorism and you would have to think outside the box on how to prepare and counter them. Just like this site says and implies. Just my two cents worth. Which is more than a peso. ;)

"It is not that I can and others can't. It is that I will and others won't."