A young woman here in Stillwater OK drove into the crowd watching our OK State Univ Homecoming Parade a few months ago–killed several, sent many more to the hospital, some still recovering if ever. A 2 year old dead, children with broken bodies for the rest of their lives, an ag professor and his wife dead. The driver claimed she was suicidal at the time. Of course the lawyers are claiming “unsound mind”. Some people in town were worried about Islamic terrorists but no one saw this coming. Even though this is a fairly small city (20K plus Univ students = 40K with many internationals) tragedy strikes. I shy away from crowds and stay alert…but you never know.

BTW I was at home on the edge of town, wondering why all the chopper traffic overhead (Life Flights of victims to hospitals). Sounded strange and subconsciously ominous but I didn’t link it to tragedy on the level of reality. I must realize that the red flags my ‘gut’ raises could mean something serious. Cognitive dissonance on my part. Lesson learned.