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Thank you Tolik, Toby C, MountainBiker and GS, good to hear from you too my friends. Keeping everyone in my prayers and hope that you all have a merry Christmas and all the very best for 2016, including good health and safety and all that you wish.
Keeping low and staying safe. Surprising how little of the news is broadcasted on national TV. Several “interesting” news are filtered out, including much of what’s going on in Syria and nearby places. They allow all stories regarding the refugees etc which might elicit an emotional response as there’s a specific agenda to be more lenient towards islamic refugees (if people complain, they are easily called racist..) With regards to news, there’s a definite grey filter in place but it’s not well-organised by the state, so stuff leaks out. Obviously there’s a huge amount of nonsensical info and “news” about social stuff, sports, arts etc as well as the fight for leadership in the ND party that seems to drag for months…so anything that’s not particularly harmful to the official side of things is allowed and giving a front of openness at the same time. All kinds of things that oppose this view tend to be ridiculed or lessened. As long as the focus is turned away from key issues, the government is happy. Financially the country is in a worse state than ever, and yet they have managed to convince people to go on a spending spree this Christmas with their last remainders of their money. So some say, “well, it can’t be that bad if they are willing to spend on festivities, right?” Wrong. During many crises in various countries (but especially Greece, when things tend to be dramatic, people act like carefree. It’s the way Greek psychology often works, as if to defy reality – and that’s precisely the sentiment that extreme parties tend to capitalize upon in order to bolster their numbers (and this is happening due to lack of cohesion in the political centre).
Regardless of the seeming tranquility, people are extremely stressed and suicides have peaked, passing the 10K mark of early 2015 (media under-report it but police figures and hospital manager confirms it). I think due to the insecurity many feel, that I have noticed eye-movements being more watchful, checking their surroundings better and being more cautious. The combination of lack of credibility on the government’s side and the increasing financial strains on the people creates a dangerous mix, and when coupled with the large numbers entering the country as refugees but no longer leaving, it could create the final straw. There’s only so much that people will tolerate after all, and it has all the potential to turn ugly.