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The proper way would be to put scales on it and then shape the scales if it was going to be a constant user. I have done both the primitive type forged knives and finished them with scales, rawhide, twine with epoxy… All sorts of things. These are GREAT PSK type knives, however. Putting together one like is pictured with a rawhide sheath that has been properly waxed is a great survival type knife. Like I said though, don’t expect to come out blister free if you actually try to build a shelter, carve or do a lot of fire prep with it.

Those are a GREAT way to learn how to smith knives if you are interested. Also, lawn mower blades and railroad spikes are phenomenal starter blanks. Just in case you were thinking about learning to smith a bit. I need to get another forge so I can get back into it. It has been a while, but bending metal is really a fun hobby.