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Very, very strange.

A former resident of Portland, Oregon, Holloway worked for the Forest Service through a program designed to help at-risk youth. Holloway was touted as a case study in resilience, even receiving a role model award in 2012.

Speaking in a video about her experience, she said she “beat the odds” by becoming the first person in her immediate family to graduate high school.

Portland Opportunities Industrialization Center said in a statement, “It’s hard to believe that Lakeisha did this, she was such a great kid while she was a part of our program.”

Holloway’s cousin Lashay Hardaway said Holloway would never do something like this on purpose.

“None of it made any sense. It just didn’t add up to who she is,” Hardaway said.


The story also said she’d been trying to find places to sleep in her car, but security people kept running her off. Something about that just seems wrong. Yes, properties need to keep some order and not have paying customers scared away, but at the same time, I think of a 24 y/o and her 3 year old daughter just trying to get some sleep, and the phrase “no room at the inn” – or even the parking lot. There’s just something about that that feels so very sad. I almost hope there is a drug explanation or something sinister, because if she was just (no pun intended) driven over the edge with stress, that’s just very tragic. The little pieces of background provided in the “news” story seem to suggest she had been headed in “recovery mode” from a very bad childhood. It would be tragic if she simply could not connect (or be helped to connect) with appropriate resources to continue that upward trajectory.

Elsewhere it said that she told police she did remember a body bouncing off her windshield and breaking it. Her demeanor and behavior just don’t make sense, if she wasn’t under any substance influence. I agree – there surely must be far more to this story – a true human tragedy on multiple levels (the victims and their families, as well as the offender, and her daughter. No winners here at all.