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GS, Orvis is still there with their pond.

Ahhhhh…. Something left over from that “good stuff” of the past. I hope they didn’t get bought out and deteriorate like LL Bean did. I used to love that place.

Leopard, while there are relatively few areas in the U.S. that even come close to what you’re experiencing in SA, most of us aren’t as fortunate as MountainBiker. Rural areas, particularly if they’re not on main highways like our Interstate system, still have peaceful, relatively safe areas where most everybody knows everybody else, and they tend to look out for one another. That’s declining more and more in the more populated areas around even relatively small cities.

In our area there has been a fair amount of crime for many years the closer one gets to the city. But where we are it was quite peaceful and safe. Then Hurricane Katrina hit, and the “refugees” came. They brought with them their attitudes of expectation, and their propensity toward crime. They never left. And they’ve fanned out across the area. Our once safe neighborhood is now like most everywhere else except the types of wonderful places (except for the snow and cold weather – hah hah!) MountainBiker lives in, and most of Maine where Tolik has apparently settled. A number of other places like Wyoming, out west, are also like that. But they’re fewer and farther between.

And being rural and off main roads doesn’t necessarily guarantee peace and tranquility – our Indian “reservations” are a blatant example of poverty, alcoholism, drugs, sexual abuse, and feelings of hopelessness among many. But the vast majority of the rest of the U.S. has no clue almost to their very existence, let alone the conditions, or what our government has done to them over the centuries. The man who’s pictured on our $20 bill (President Andrew Jackson) actively encouraged and even ordered the extermination of whole groups of American Indians as they were pushed further and further out of their lands – but we “celebrate” our great presidents, just as you all “celebrated” your recently departed peace-loving president {choke!}. And the vast majority of Americans know nothing about that part of our history, because it simply isn’t taught. This is still a much better country to live in, in my opinion, than almost anywhere else on the earth, but like the value of the $US, that’s only relative anymore.