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Hello again and here’s another update. So far not much has happened aside from the massive influx of refugees and the government failing to convince people anymore by not keeping any of its promises. I’m sure you have all heard about the people entering in groups of hundreds ; it’s sad to see how many of them get drowned in the cold waters as these boats are a horrible mess – almost every week several die as a result of the boats being in that poor condition. In any case, it’s impossible to keep them satisfied by shipping them elsewhere because nobody wants them anymore, and so they get trapped in Greece…their number increases and there are serious concerns about disease, safety etc. Few cases of attacking local people but mostly fights are among each other. Many people are worried about what they will do once the money will run out. On the other hand, there seems to be some funding by the EU to set up hotspots and places for them, but it is unclear if these funds are sufficient for the sheer numbers.
With regards to coastguard, the EU wanted to bolster borders at the sea with Frontex and as I understand they were operating on a couple of places but today they vacated a place offered to them on an island due to asbestos concerns. The tendency here is of mild mistrust as the Frontex are not widely accepted in the minds of the locals but on the other hand, besides some grumbling I wouldn’t expect much opposition since the Greek coastguard don’t seem to be enough to cover such expanse with this particular level of risk.
The prime minister seems to think that he has 3 more years to rule, but there’s a huge distrust in him according to some polls that quote over 80% of dissatisfaction with the way he’s running things. Some expect a change of government (elections etc) by summer, others by the end of spring. Unemployment is, of course, not lessened and very little has been done to bolster the economy apart from taxing the weaker ones and cutting down costs without exercising much caution. This might create a domino effect during the first half of 2016.