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I do not believe Carson has the energy to take on what is facing the country right now.

Like him or not, anybody with the stamina, patience, discipline and concentration to work continuously inside somebody’s brain for 12 hours at a time most definitely has the energy. Carson is WAY underrated as far as that category goes, simply because he talks slowly and deliberately. Do I think he’s electable? No – because the media will do to him what they did to Ron Paul, particularly in 2012. And if Carson catches on enough to at least be a potential factor at the convention, the Party will double down on him if they can’t rig the primaries sufficiently to keep him out (again, just as they did with the primaries in 2012 with Dr. Paul, such as in Clarke County, GA, and many other places across the country).

Trump fix the economy? No personal offense intended, but that’s absurd! No one can fix nearly 20 TRILLION dollars in debt. No human being really even comprehends how much that is. And there is not an economic way of doing that in most of our lifetimes, if everyone got on board and did whatever it theoretically could take to “fix” it. It’s not a matter of business smarts – it’s so far out there in terms of some absolutely crazy economic theory that we’ve had forced down our throats that it’s simply not fixable by one candidate or even remotely within any one president’s 8 year tenure with a totally cooperative Congress.