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I have fond memories of my grandparents taking us with them on trips up to Maine for vacations. Interestingly, the best memories were of the stops in Vermont. I thought it was the most beautiful state of all the bunch between Michigan and Maine on those trips (though I did enjoy seeing the Old Man of the Mountain in NH, and was saddened recently to learn that he’d finally collapsed). I heartily endorse the beauty of Vermont. I particularly enjoyed stopping by an old country store (can’t remember where it was), with a cracker barrel (we’re talking 1950s). I heard that old store is still there, but probably more of a tourist attraction now than it was back then. Oh – and the old (original, I think) Orvis facility, complete with lake to the side for practicing and trying out equipment.

(Sorry to hijack the South Africa thread. We now return you to that topic. :-) )