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The drive-by shooting was quite the topic of conversation at the Town hall today. There was some wishful thinking of “if only someone with a gun was right there to take him out” so that VT wouldn’t be on the hook to spend a bunch of money for the guy’s psychological evaluations, public defenders, jailing him etc. Failing that, towards the same objective of not incurring the expense, option two was “wish we could just string him up”. The thinking was we have enough of our own crazies without taking Pennsylvania’s too. This was mostly a female group by the way. No suggestions at all that guns might be the problem but they did note that the guy was a poor shot being he only hit the woman in the arm. Folks were shocked that something like that could happen here though. It hadn’t been on the forefront of their thinking. Meanwhile tourism is our biggest industry so the welcome mats are out. Just leave the crazies at home is all we ask.