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Agree with you on Cruz, man of his word.

I’m not sure what the point of agreement is, because I’m most definitely not a Cruz fan. But being a man of one’s word is only half the battle. I actually think Sanders is a man of his word, too. I just ain’t buyin’ any of what he’s sincerely selling. I am most definitely not a Cruz supporter. I will merely support ANY Republican candidate against Hillary or Bernie (or Elizabeth). And the only reason I’ll support the Republican is because Hillary is worse than any of them, and if the Democrats don’t win, only the Republicans can win. No 3rd party candidate can win. A Republican win still only (maybe) slows the downward trend. But as I type that, I think about the just-passed spending bill promoted by the would-be VP candidate in 2012. So maybe the Republicans are keeping us on track for destruction as a constitutional republic with all 10 of the Bill of Rights either in jeopardy or long ignored.