Been in roll overs myself , always had a knife on me ( legal or not ) . Never had to cut a strap , had to kick out a window ……….either way , male or female , you need to carry something , dont rely on others . People need to realize that life is life , there are going to be situations where its damned if you do , and damned if you dont . It is possible to be in a situation where you are just plain f%cked , with now way out . No matter what gear you have or what you think you know …its possible . God knows how much time is on our clock , and when its your time , its your time …………..not 1 min. before , not 1 min. after .
Fatalistic , but its true . Stonewall Jackson was once asked by one of his officers how he could be so brave in battle and show no fear . He said that it was because god had destined what time was his time , and he need not fear danger before that time ……..he had no control over it , so he didnt worry about it , concentrating on the job at hand . Its a job , its not for everybody , I couldnt do it because I have too bad a temper , and dont like people as it is .