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Putin believes Trump will bring more good deals for Russia. Also Putin is on the same page when it comes to Muslims.

IF Trump becomes President (and as much as he leaves a very bad taste for me at least, I’d still vote for him over Billary or Bernie), that is certainly a positive supposition. They’d certainly feel each other out, and there could be some potentially tense moments at times, but I don’t think it would take long before a sort of mutual respect would develop between the two. I don’t TRUST either one of them, unfortunately, so I’m not ready to speculate on just how well the outcome of that relationship would go, but there are at least possibilities.

And if Trump is truly as committed to our veterans as he claims to be, perhaps he will abandon the war-based economy we’ve been running on for so long. While WWII was probably inevitable, we’ve been running on war since then regardless. Meanwhile, Pittsburgh, Buffalo, and other previously big manufacturing centers have been dubbed the “rust belt” for a reason. Perhaps – just perhaps – he could lead the nation into productivity again, even though that would be a new concept for at least two generations now.

Wow! Don’t get me TOO tempted to support Trump in the primary – though depending on who’s still left by then, I may have to hold my nose BEFORE November and just vote for the guy. At least he’d take that unsigned nuclear deal, make multiple copies of it, and hopefully propel each of them into an equally large number of different places where the sun don’t shine, following which he’d deliver it to the other side along with a horse head on somebody’s bed. No one else in the crop of “candidates” seems even remotely capable of showing strength. The last President to really show strength, in my opinion, was Reagan – both internationally, as well as domestically, such as when he fired all striking air traffic controllers. Personally, that broke my heart because I knew a number of them, and the conditions under which they worked. But it was most likely the RIGHT thing to do at the time – gutsy, but right. There was no question that “Ronnie” didn’t mess around. No president since has exhibited that degree of courage – and resolve.