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You did what you could GS, and you now know more about your neighbors than you did before the neighborhood watch effort. Nothing formal here but we do keep an eye out for each other. Yesterday I come home from Christmas shopping (figured it was probably time to get it done) and I see footprints in the snow to both my front door and the side door. Nobody left anything nor was there a note from whoever it was so I call a neighbor and ask if they saw who came to the house. They told me who it was. After New Years when those folks head to Florida for the winter I will make sure a path is shoveled to the front and back doors and will clear in front of the garage so as to better make it look like someone’s home. Their son-in-law will plow the driveway. We all compare notes on what’s going on with the white trash neighbors, especially the loser druggie son. We keep tabs on the neighborhood despite no crime at all. The last break-in I heard about in this area was about 5 years ago a few miles up the road in the next town. The woman living there shot at the robber and that was that.