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MountainBiker, I had to laugh late last night when I came back to the computer to check weather, a bit of news, and the Forum. There it was – the reminder that I’d conveniently forgotten the hidden debate last night. A Saturday night on the weekend before Christmas? You’ve got to be kidding me! I laughed out loud at the thought. Yes, I was aware it was coming, and no I didn’t put it on my calendar. And yes, I’m very happy I missed it – including Hillary’s overly-long stay in the bathroom or whatever made her “fashionably late” as one article described it. I don’t think my now under control blood pressure (no meds required) would have survived having to watch her for however long she was on. Bernie might have been fun(ny) for a while, but watching Hillary (worse – LISTENING to Hillary)? Nope. No can do.

The mere fact that this nation is even tolerating what the Democrats are putting forward (and how) is testimony to the fact that we’re beyond hope as a nation. The Republicans? It would be a joke if it wasn’t so serious. And to think Paul Ryan almost became one heartbeat away from the presidency. At least now he’s two away (which isn’t much more comforting). You’ve hit it on the head regarding the state of affairs in the nation. Blissful ignorance. When the SHTF, the vast majority will go berserk in panic – and I’m not looking forward to the additional chaos (and consequent danger) created by the totally ignorant, unprepared people, on top of the criminal element that will be preying on everyone.