The link above simply goes to a news letter of a police station. Not all police stations has got websites. It is good to read what is happening in areas around you. (I am sorry that it does not work for you there) It is not that important information. It is becoming a bit ridiculous for me that they are stealing the tyres. – Copy paste

A warning is issued to all parents/guardians of learners who are presently writing exams and are at home alone studying. Kindly ensure that the learners keep doors and security gates locked at all times and that they do not open gates to strangers. The learners should also be briefed on all procedures in the event of emergency. All emergency numbers should be readily available which should include the Honeydew SAPS numbers as well as
your security company etc. They should also be aware of the nearest corner to the street in which you live so that this can be conveyed to emergency workers should the need arise.
Due to an increase in the number of parties at present, a number of vehicles have been parked on verges outside of the property and this has resulted in an increase in the theft of motor vehicles, as well as the wheels being stolen off parked motor vehicles. Residents are requested to park vehicles inside the premises behind closed gates and if this is not possible residents need to arrange extra security for vehicles parked on the verges.
Residents who walk/jog/cycle in the early mornings and late afternoon have been asked not to wear valuable jewellery or carry expensive cellphones, as this makes them soft targets for criminals. Be aware of your surroundings at all times.
Residential robberies continue to be a problem especially in Sector 3 mainly at the Townhouse Complexes and this crime is most occurring in the early hours of the morning. Residents are once again requested to ensure that all doors, security gates are locked and the keys removed from the locks.
Preferably do not leave windows open and make use of fans during this hot weather.