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Good advice. I see people who over medicate all the time. Part of it is their personality. Part is the medical & pharmaceutical industry pushing too hard. With childhood asthma sometimes people outgrow it if the parents will let them. My son did and it seems your son has too. The same can be said for certain pollen type allergies. My son had that too and it went away when he adopted the old-time remedy of a teaspoon of local honey each day. Local means local, not the grocery store stuff from halfway across the country. Honey from 20 miles away max. Ours comes from a neighbor so it is real local. Our eggs, beef, and maple syrup all come from neighbors too.

Rather than terming this freedom from what if’s, I see it more as freeing oneself from dependencies. I say that given how much effort we put into being ready for the many SHTF what if’s.