A few years ago I took my son for his first lesson in Sambo (almost like Systema ) The main instructor was born in the Ukraine. Every time, before I leave, being a typical mom, I would show him his asthma pump. I’ve put it into his shoe.
The third lesson, the instructor walked over to me while the children were warming up. He took the asthma medication out of the shoe and put it in my hand. He calmly looked at me and said. “I’ve got you cell phone number. Please do not remind him that he has got asthma.”
Now – think about the fear that your child might get an asthma attack during exercise. Not knowing where his medication that opens the airways could be. Then think about a child that from that day were not reminded that he has got asthma. We stopped using the chronic medication over a fairy short period of time. And a few months later the doctor said ‘I am not going to subscribe more medication because I can see that you are not following my advice anyway. He is fine.
Yes, he is still allergic to dust mites and in an SHTF situation we might need medication. We can learn to think in a different way and have a wonderful life with less “what if’s”