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One of the most instructive videos I’ve seen in quite a while. Thanks, L Wiseone. I started to make note of some key points, but there were too many of them and I gave up. But of particular note is what starts at about 20:07, with his comments about Afghanistan, why we’re there, what other nations are part of the issue for us, and how long we’ll be there (hint: it’s measured in far more than just years – try decades, according to Colonel Wilkerson). And we thought Leon Panetta was nuts when he said we’d be fighting this “war on terror” for 30 years or more? This guy’s credentials are very, very solid, and he was part of the inner circle in W’s administration. This is some of the more instructive 24 minutes you’ll find anywhere, in my opinion.

My only concern is the site at which the video is posted. There’s a whole lot of other questionable (understatement) stories there, too (Australia to be hit with an asteroid TODAY! – Saturday, 19 Dec 2015 :( ). And if people are directed there, they may tend to dismiss this particular video. I think that would be a big mistake, as it tells the story – from one who’s been there in the very middle of the inner circle – of how we were deceived particularly during the Bush (W) administration, and most particularly by Cheney and Rumsfeld (absolutely no surprise here). And he makes credible predictions about the future, or statements from which we can draw our own conclusions about the future. Here’s the article intro:

US Army Colonel Lawrence Wilkerson, former national security advisor to Reagan and assistant to Secretary of State Colin Powell during both Bush administrations gives a shocking insider view of the real interests behind US wars, the manipulation of intelligence, the intertwining of the military and corporate world and why the US Empire is Doomed!

So much truth in this interview that exposes the frauds in our government and media pushing war! We saw that last night during the Republican Presidential debate when Governor Christie got exposed as a madman by Rand Paul for being willing to risk World War 3 with Russia over Syria! Spread the word! Turn off the FAKE NEWS!

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Regardless, watch it. Thanks, Tec!