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Toby, one of the advantages of discussing, analyzing, and monitoring SHTF topics is that we have in large part already gone through the emotional adjustment and reaction. Most of us won’t be like deer caught in the headlights because we have already accepted that SHTF will come in some form, and we have discussed what those forms might be. This in turn allows us to be less fearful I think. Going about life being more aware of the possibilities allows for a greater level of confidence.

Yesterday my wife had surgery at a large urban hospital in Massachusetts that sits between a good neighborhood and a bad neighborhood in a city with a high crime rate. I have seen this city noted a couple times as having a cell linked to terrorist groups. Whether that is true or not I don’t know but I very much observed my surroundings at all times and was mentally prepared. As an aside, there was absolutely no visible security anywhere which was not reassuring. When I was entering the hospital there was also a Mid Eastern looking type guy who was leaving who I could tell was also being very observant. That wasn’t reassuring either given the state of the world. I’ll be glad when she is discharged tomorrow and we get on the highway heading north again.