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Without a link, I went searching for this story, and initially had a hard time finding it. But find it I did. Wow! One minor (insignificant) point of clarification – apparently (unless there is more than one letter). The letter was from the State Department to Rep. Mike Pompeo (R-KS), dated 19 Nov 2015, not to Rep. Zeldin:

Page 1 of letter

Page 2 of letter

The full article is at:


And the National Review article that originally referenced it is at:


The problem with the National Review article is that the link to the letter is now non-existent (at least at the time of this post, after multiple attempts to access the linked site). But (if it stays up), you can at least see it in the links above. Personally, I’ve made a file copy of the .pdf document itself for the future, since “things” (and sometimes actual people) just seem to have a habit of disappearing (in the media, or the cloud, or Arkansas, or the world, just as examples).

Thanks for the heads up, Roadracer!

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