South Africa – You Tube video on new documentary Tained heroes


The African National Congress’ (ANC) violent campaign to silence its opposition during the liberation struggle will be revealed in a new movie, “Tainted Heroes”.

In South Africa people throats get slit daily. Not only with Farm murders. You might only find articles in the Afrikaans news like Marula Media

Selco article on terror… I read the article and after a few minutes I felt really really sad. For our water is so close to boiling. And the fear is so real. First it was only at night and now so many people are getting attacked during the day. You stay in your area; you know you should stay armed and ready. Today I learned that they muffle the sound of breaking glass by putting a cloth over the object they use to break a window. I filled up containers with water for they do not bother to fix broken water pipes and we are running very low in our local water reservoir. I read the news and learned that the students are planning on causing chaos again in the new year. That means in a few weeks, the riots start all over again. If you add the economy, and the food crises because of lack of rain. We stay inside our houses at night. I do not visit friends after dark. Our children grow up in a completely different way we did. We were outside on our bicycles the whole day. We could go and visit our friends all by ourselves on the other side of town.
They “control” us. Yes, with fear. And we need to be one step ahead to survive every single day. I will fight back when the day comes. I hope I will be able to be faster and stronger than my opponents.
I will be thinking about this article – I will try to change my way of thinking – to have less fear

“I will be thinking about this article – I will try to change my way of thinking – to have less fear”

Yep. Don’t let fear block your capability but use that emotional content to drive your goals. My .02