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Wow! I had the same experience as I read it.

Given as reasons for the brain drain:

“limited job opportunities, economic instability and political uncertainty.”

and a general “inevitability” statement:

“It is inevitable that any modern country will lose some of its best young people as they seek better opportunities elsewhere but I think we have lost more than our fair share.”

Then the guilt trip:

“Unfortunately, many of them are the entrepreneurs who could have built great businesses here and created jobs for many thousands who are unemployed today.”.

Aw, gee – blame the victims that left in order to survive (sometimes even literally)!

But FINALLY, just a hint at what’s really going on:

“Instead they are establishing a safety net and preparing for a ‘worse comes to worst’ scenario.

“A Zimbabwe-style economic and political meltdown, if you will.

And buried at the very bottom:

“This is causing emigration to grow and that’s when you see lack of understanding of modern economic forces from the ANC.

“Those that are leaving are the previously privileged, not previously unprivileged. They have been denied so much for so long. People are leaving because of the mismanagement of the economy.

Surely journalistic excellence at its best…. [sarc/OFF]

Sad – so very sad. And much of the rest of the world will be following the same path, it appears – except where will be left for anyone to go for better opportunities?