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Great article Selco. Thanks again for all that you do.

GS, it is hard not to notice how quickly stories that don’t support the liberal agenda disappear, if they ever appear in the first place. That it is happening across the Western world is terrifying. To me it is just another facet of the reluctance of the White House and their sycophants to utter the words Islamic terrorism or radical Islam and to go to the lengths that they do to deny Islamic terrorism even exists no matter how many people are murdered. Were 9/11 to happen today I expect the reaction out of the White House would still not include the words Islamic terrorism. No doubt the official word would be that they suspect it was engine malfunction rather than a deliberate act. The worst part is that 25% of the population would accept that explanation verbatim. It is a” Brave New World” indeed. Thankfully they do not control the internet. Yet.