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Unfortunately, I also don’t believe that all people have an inherent desire for freedom – unless they have a very different definition and concept of “freedom” from what most of us envision here. And I’m entirely convinced that there is a significant enough portion of humankind that is, quite literally, hell bent on destruction of all that is good as they seek only their own power and wealth.

I held my nose and hung on as long as I could, and made it well past halfway through the Republican “debate” tonight. Oh, I didn’t expect anything much different from what I saw. But I was hoping for a little more clarification from a couple of candidates, and hoping against resignation to find one I can actually vote for when our primary comes along. What overshadowed all that, and left me no better off than I was at 8:30 p.m., was the standard fare of taking what should be an exercise in getting positions out on issues, in detail that the American public can seriously consider, and turning it into the continuation of the popularity contest, embarrassing people, causing infighting, etc. It’s ALL about network ratings, their jobs, and doing the master’s bidding. With almost no exceptions, the candidates were all too eager to engage. And with the public having come to believe that’s what should be happening in the “political process” supposedly intended to fill the highest office in the land, it is virtually guaranteed that we will have a continuation of what’s been going on for decades.

This particular thread is titled, “The global economic reset has begun.” Did we hear ANYthing about that tonight? Not a word. Yet we’ve got a Fed that reportedly will manipulate the economy tomorrow, yet again. We’ve got yet another major junk bond fund going belly up – and that will likely send increasingly sharp ripples throughout the financial markets. We’ve got a debt that’s far too large for anyone to really comprehend. We’ve got an inflation rate far higher than is officially “sold” to the public. We’ve got almost no manufacturing left in the United States, and no visible prospects for that to change. We’re involved in undeclared wars all over the globe, with troops in places the vast majority of the public know nothing about. We’ve got a mental/medical health crisis with massive numbers of those that were sent to fight all over the globe, and incredibly inadequate resources to be able to address those issues (i.e. we can’t PAY for all the needed treatment!). We’ve got absurdly inadequate mental health care in general. We have a true unemployment rate far higher than what’s reported. We have grossly underemployed people all around. Now we even know that the white middle aged group is dying off at a rate that is rapidly INCREASING, while everyone else’s death rates in the US and the rest of the developed world are going in the opposite direction.

Yet those issues, let alone proposed solutions, aren’t part of the real discussion among those we’re supposed to select as our next leader. The global economic reset has not only begun, it’s accelerating at a rate that will require disaster when it hits. I truly wish I could find a reason to believe otherwise. Fortunately, I know in whom I trust, and that allows me to still sleep at night. It will be nice if we find out we were also prepared enough to weather the Cat 5 storm that is about to hit. Our politicians and candidates certainly offer no hope.