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GS, what i see in this article is a link. The IMF! In other posts they talk about the Chinese and Russians taking over, not so by this article. It is the same old agenda group, the IMF and the Rothschild. They will still be in control. They will control the BRICS or do control the BRICS. Well we do not know but I think they are the ones that came up with the idea of the BRICS. So all this talk about them taking over is bull because it is the same people.

“I outlined with undeniable evidence the reality that major governments, including the BRICS governments of the East, are fully on board with the globalist agenda. There is no way around it; the BRICS, including Russia and China, have openly called for a global monetary system centralized and dictated by the IMF using the SDR basket. This same plan was outlined decades ago in the Rothschild-owned magazine The Economist. We are witnessing that plan being implemented in front of our very eyes today.”