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Tolik, what you and I speak to in part at least is cultural in Northern New England. In rural/small town areas rich and poor are not segregated as in most places. My little neighborhood has deteriorating old trailers and estate level properties with both very poor and very rich people in a hamlet of just a few hundred people, and quite honestly if you didn’t know where someone lived, you wouldn’t necessarily even know which camp they fell in when talking to them, nor does anyone care. Yes there is white trash too, but they by and large interact in a civil manner with everyone else.

GS, when I go into the largest town within an hour of here (16,000 people) I tend to do several errands and usually will go to the grocery store as my last stop before coming home. Many times I have left purchases in the bed of my truck without worrying it might not be there when I come out of the store. To me that is how a civil society should function. That said, we’ve got bad folks too. We’re not immune to crime. Whatever happens elsewhere in the country happens here too, just at a much lower rate, sufficiently low that most don’t think much about it.