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I can’t agree with this, in practice we must stay vigilant at all times but there are urban areas that I will not venture without extreme purpose.

Oh, please don’t think I meant that there aren’t areas I would avoid at almost any cost – there are most definitely. What I meant was, in effect, EVERYWHERE has become “the zone.” It’s true that some parts of it are worse than others, but with the rare exceptions such as what MountainBiker still has, or what Tolik moved to Maine for, there are for the most part no “safe” zones anymore. Long gone are the days of leaving your door unlocked when you went to town to do some shopping, or leaving your kid’s bike out in front while you’re indoors, or even your lawn mower unattended in the front yard while you go around back to get the gas can, or some ant killer after hitting a fire ant hill (common around here), etc. Somebody ringing your doorbell? Check them out well before even thinking about opening the door. And after dark? Forget that! What existed in our neighborhood just three years or more ago, is now gone, and unlikely to ever return. But I’m even less secure just a couple of miles from here, and there are indeed areas I just don’t go. I just don’t consider much of anything a “safe zone” anymore.