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As an urban dweller I do know what the distance of a few miles means for some relative safety, a mere five blocks to three blocks almost lulls me to a restful sleep. For the record gentle people I am a minority–American Indian, I feel some of the other darker minorities don’t mess with me like they might with lighter-skinned people because of my appearance, if you get my drift. I have had to always take my vehicle on any distance beyond a five block radius, due to the way how quickly things can go bad with certain unneighborlyhoods . I don’t leave without my EDC and supplies bag and I have been told by some that I drive like a “professional” Professional what I don’t know, but let’s say I have an agility and turbo boost to my ride. That said, how many have had this experience, where African Americans just stroll out into the street and block the traffic because they are almost taunting you licensed driver to hit or tap them so they can get you to pay out or pay off, these are “behind enemy lines” sort of zones I really like avoiding at all costs.