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I have in-laws that live in Phoenix, Az. and they are the classic transplants from the Midwest. They don’t use their swimming pool because it’s too cool in the winter or too hot in the summer, they spend much too much time sitting down trapped when inside when the sun heats the desert up, and if was not for there dog or grand children they would never get out for a walk. They have to live stuck to big Pharma drugs, and just out of sheer boredom they go to house openings to see places they will never move to. I do think Mexican-Americans (Hispanics) might be living a bit longer due to their inclusion of family members in so many of their activities multigenerational and the consumption of guess what — chiles hot peppers! turns out it is high in vitamin C, also Hispanics seem to smoke less than others (might be tight budgets) and they love to dance! So lifestyle might be what’s making a slight difference. My brother-in-law who is of German descent two years ago had a heart transplant and he started to have a real desire to eat peppers and salsa, etc., so it turned out seven months later my sister found out the donor was a Mexican AMerican who was a young man who died in a car crash. Chile can be addicting.