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The flash point appears to be food pricing as stated by this study http://www.technologyreview.com/view/425019/the-cause-of-riots-and-the-price-of-food/

Its not anything else. Arab Spring was about FOOD as wheat had gone up 40%. All other areas of riots can be traced back to this point. This is when the people feel they have no option and are willing to face physical danger because of it.

All this other stuff is distracting.

We have no paper trail on any of our weapons or ammo. We chose not to sign up for concealed weapons permits because historically when this is done, the government now knows who is armed and can revoke this right. Its been done this way in almost every country that has been disarmed.

Food prices are starting to creep up faster in the United States but the manufacturers are lessening the effect by packing less product for just a little more money. Inflation is here but cloaked. We will see stark changes when the prices really start to escalate sharply. Watching food prices is a good barometer of what’s coming.

Meanwhile Georgia is looking at a sweeping Pro Gun law. See here http://www.governing.com/news/headlines/Governor-Expected-to-Sign-Georgias-Sweeping-Pro-Gun-Bill.html

Watch out because USA news is very controlled and jaded. I find out more of what is happening in the USA through Al Jazeera,Russia Today and searches on the Internet.

Honestly, all of these things happening can be looked at as positive. More and more people are waking up every day and realizing the many things that are wrong with our leaders. This is a great thing to be sweeping across society.