As the saying goes–Old age and treachery….;) Especially if you make it a point to stay fit, active and alert.
Not fun getting old (almost 73) but still having fun. Went duck/goose hunting the past few days, retrieved the shot waterfowl yesterday in the kayak, and will go bowhunting in a few more. Have already set up the stand yesterday. Field dressed, cut up and froze two deer already. Caring for my disabled husband after his heart surgery–and he is now well enough to duck hunt again. Helped our (disabled vet) hunting buddy today by getting in all the decoys myself via waders and hook… Both he and my husband are younger than I.
And I can still garden, shoot a handgun well, do basic carpentry, keep house and yard, cook…and have a small art business where I do custom hunting dog portraits for people across the country. It burns me that they upped my truck insurance just because I hit 70. I am NOT a statistic, nor am I a frail old blue-hair.
It’s not over yet!!!